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10 tips and reasons to rejoice in planning your downsized wedding!


How to reimagine your tiny wedding without downsizing your dreams...

If you are choosing to go ahead with your wedding, there are so many ways to embrace a new approach and really make the most of a smaller celebration.

Why downsizing can be a gain not a loss...

While big weddings are spectacular, there's no escaping the reality that you, as the couple only really get to enjoy a fraction of the whole guest experience. You can't be with everyone or partaking in all the conversations at once and it's inevitable that you'll feel like you only snatched a few small moments with many of your favourite people. On the flip side, a tiny wedding is the perfect opportunity to really savour the day and enjoy the magical time with your closest family and friends.

To capture the memories, it can certainly be worth hiring a good photographer. Photographers are expert at blending in on the day and – many relish the opportunity to take less formal, more intimate 'documentary style' shots, so having the photographer snap every moment is a great way to capture the memories you are making!

This is a good opportunity to get creative and let go of the traditional formalities and restrictions of a large wedding. This time, with only the needs of a chosen few to cater for, its all about your dreams as a couple!

You'll have more opportunity to add a personal touch and really imbue the day with your character as spouses-to-be.

This is your chance to upgrade the experience for the chosen few – if you've had to whittle down from a large guest list, you're likely to be making a saving financially and you could look at it as scope for splashing out on some extra touches and luxuries for your nearest and dearest.

There's so many ways to do this, but obviously what we know best about is fact our next blog will be all about fun and romantic ways to add extra bit of glamour (and deliciousness) to your cake table with ideas for beautiful cake staging and desert and sweetie tables to add that extra wow factor for you and your guests!

Treat yourselves and your chosen guests to some extra special details on the day – things that work best with an intimate group, for example a 'live in your living room' style music performance or even some party games!

**Have a 'two shift' day of celebrations: you could follow your ceremony with an intimate reception for family and more senior guests and then move on to a let-you-hair-down party with a younger little crowd in the evening.

Make a weekend of it! If you're re-channeling funds from a large wedding budget, why not book a weekend's get away with your lucky guests so you can relax and really get that quality time together.

If you have very close vulnerable relatives of friends who can't come to the event, but would love to feel included, you could consider a special celebratory visit to them – you could even don your wedding attire and make it a really special visit.**

**sadly to be put on hold for now

Consider options for making your uninvited guests feel involved and appreciated! Of course, as as we always have our minds on cake, this is one lovely (and yummy) way is always to say 'we're missing having you with us' especially if combined with a heartfelt note.

For those who are really aching to be there and can't, live streaming your wedding and or including guests remotely can be a lovely touch. This could be a set time during the day when remote guests can dial in to say hello and feel part of the celebrations or a time for you and your guests to watch some pre-recorded messages from people who can't be there.

Plan a big post-restriction bash to celebrate with everyone on your original guest list– your first anniversary could be the perfect date for a wonderful party without the formalities, but with all the fun!